Two Seeds in a Pod

Hayley is a transplant from the high desert regions of Colorado, where she first got her hands dirty working on university research farms. Her westward migration led to vegetable, flower, and seed farming ventures in the Willamette Valley. She is currently a graduate student in the Vegetable Breeding Lab at Oregon State University, where her work includes developing new organic vegetable varieties for the PNW through participatory plant breeding and other collaborative approaches.


Hayley spends her weekends cooking, preserving, and eating the harvest. She maintains this delicious lifestyle by taking breaks to go on long runs with her four-legged best friend, Sophie the Labrador.

Favorite crop to grow and eat: Green Beans and Tomatoes

Jack is a second generation farmer, currently growing a wide array of fruits and veggies in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Having cultivated almost every edible, annual crop under the sun (or Pacific Northwest clouds), he is a full-fledged crop connoisseur. Over many seasons, he has developed a discerning eye for what grows great on a small, diversified farm.


Outside of the field, Jack can be found climbing mountains and cracking open melons that’s he’s been carrying uphill for the past 10 miles.

Favorite crop to grow and eat: Melons/Watermelons


Together we share a passion for finding excellence in the edible, botanical world.

Join us in our trials and heir(loom)s as we explore new varieties, seed production, growing techniques, and what we learn along the way!